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What is 1xBet bonus today

1xBet bonus bookmaker offers players a kind of all support in a difficult ticket. If the better has lost twenty bets in a row, he can check them for compliance with the given updated betting and contact the representatives of the BC at bonus.

The bonus is awarded under the following conditions:

  1. Customer 20 bets Nigeria must be made within a live.
  2. The coefficient of one bet is not higher than 3.00.
  3. Types of bets Nigeria: ordinals and expresses. Bids with very high odds, as well as systems and chains are not considered.
  4. All events in the express must be losing.

What is 1xBet bonus today

In this case, the player can claim lose in the following amount:

  1. With the amount of each bet from 2 to 5 dollars – a bonus of 100 dollars.
  2. With a bet amount of 5 to 10 dollars – a bonus of 250 dollars.
  3. With the amount Abuja of each bet above $ 10 – a jackpot of $ 500.

Instead of dollars, you can substitute the equivalent amount in your game currency.

Get your Bonus 130€

Terms of the 1xBet bonus program: how to withdraw 1xBet bonus

To wager a bonus Abuja, you need to put down its amount in five times on express wins. An express should include three or more events with a coefficient of 1.40. You can take advantage of the offer and wager the deposit within 30 days from the date of registration of the winning in the bookmaker.

Get your Bonus 130€

1xBet Wednesday Bonus and jackpot bonus

1xBet bookmaker offers its customers two types of bonus 1xBet:

  1. Bonus money. After wagering, they can be withdrawn from the main prize.
  2. bonus 1xBet points. They are charged for game actions and are considered to be the “internal currency” of BC.

Points are awarded to the bonus account in automatic mode of the how to redeem 1xBet bonus. In order for the bonus to come to the account, you need to do one of the following:

  1. Top up account. BC transfers to the bonus account about one point for every 600 dollars.
  2. Actively place bets. If a player daily makes day bets with good odds, the bookmaker can transfer bonus points to his account how to redeem the bonus.
  3. Participation in the competition of forecasters. BC offers to make predictions on the outcome of various matches how to bet using 1xBet bonus. The more predicted outcomes on a player have set, the more points he will receive, how to bet using the bonus.
  4. Sports tote. To get 10 thousand points on a bonus account or a decent amount of chances in real money, you need to guess twelve outcomes.
  5. Participate in regularly held contests, promotions, etc. In each case, you must look at the 1xBet bonus terms and conditions.

You can use bonus points in two main ways: by playing bonus terms and conditions or by purchasing a promotional code for a free bet. Many players prefer to collect points and use them to buy free bet.

Get your Bonus 130€

Bonus “Beat 1xBet” and how to bet using 1xBet bonus

This bonus offer is designed for users of the 1xBet bonus conditions section. A player can receive up to one hundred dollars per account.

Bonus “Beat 1xBet” and how to bet using 1xBet bonus

To receive the bonus you must do the following:

  1. Register on the site in any way proposed 1xBet bonus conditions.
  2. Fill in all the fields in your account.
  3. Put a mark in the field “Take part in how to withdraw 1xBet bonus”.
  4. Top up the balance for any amount from 1 to 100 $ on a given day (the date is specified on the website of the how to withdraw the bonus).
  5. Money is credited automatically.
  6. In order to fulfill the conditions of the promotion and withdraw money from the account, the bonus must be redeemed in the games of the 1xGames section within a day from the moment of crediting. Wagering must be in 30 times the size accumulator. In case of failure to fulfill any condition, the bonus is canceled.
Get your Bonus 130€

1xBet Friday Bonus and bonus withdrawal

Terms of the 1xBet bonus withdrawal program: how to clear the bonus and 1xBet jackpot bonus funds. The free bet amount for this promotion is calculated individually and depends on the player’s activity, time of registration; money spent and won bonus withdrawal.

Trust rate

A trust rate is an advance that can be taken if there are unsettled bets. It can be used for betting in real time, as well as for betting on the outcome of an event that starts within the next 48 hours. The amount of advance depends on the amount of potential winnings.

You can clarify the available advance payment and welcome bonus 1xBet at any time in your official account. Just click the “Learn” button in the “Available Advance” email.

1xBet Friday Bonus and 1xBet bonus withdrawal

Wheel of Fortune. To start the game, select the number of wheel spins and click the “Spin” button. As in all other games, the cost of one attempt is 50 dollars. Players who win twice in a row get from 50 to 200 extra points. The bonus is added to the main points and added to the total winnings. To the most active users, 1xBet gives free spins and extra points. Valuable prizes are raffled off every month: Iphone 7, Ipad Mini and MacBook Pro.

Get your Bonus 130€

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